The characteristic champion in the major winners section is Gertrude S. from Brisbane, Australia, turned out to be one of the main casino winner of all times, after she digged up an astonishing bonanza of approximately $600,000. Incredibly, Gertrude succeeded gambling the Progressive Gold Rally immediately a few weeks after a new lucky winner also won $1,800,000 on the similar game .


Gertrude S. from Brisbane, Australia, took home a huge bonanza, having digged up an astonishing progressive bonanza of almost $600,000 gambling Gold Rally. Gertrude was a customary Blackjack game and Keno gambler until she took notice of concerning the record jackpot that was prevailed in just days before she began gambling.

She confesses being a bit irritated having missed out on the record bonanza, but it didn't stop her from trying her fortune at the same game. Merely a few weeks later while gambling online at job, she at last won the bonanza. Gertrude was astonished when she comprehends how much she had prevailed, and even her husband didn't trust it when she called him up with the good news.

But certain enough, she was gifted with a enormous check for $599,377.66 and the relatives started to rejoice. Gertrude, who looks after her own travel trade, has no plans to discontinue working and says that even though the cash won't alter her life, it will her help pay the bills and make savings, and provide some extra lavishness to her family's life.

And will she come back to the casino. "Yes, I'll continue playing online casino; I find it to be good stress relief". It is believed that trustworthy members merit more than just additional benefits, so it was decided to hold Raffle Prize draws every month. All you have to do is carry on gambling your favorite casino games during a precise week, because the more you gamble, the more access you will be given into the reward draws.



Review of winner Fred: 52-year-old Fred did not rest for two days after determining that he had succeeded in winning $550,416 from a 90 cents rotation, by dig of the Party Mega Jackpot on the Super Fortune Wheel online slot machine. Fred and his girlfriend Maylene, 36, were getting prepared for sleep previous month when their lives were changed forever.


Fred told story. “It was almost midnight and Maylene and I decided to log on just before bed to see how we would get on. We varied the stakes a bit and all of a sudden the screen started flashing with happy faces, golden dollars and jokers! We didn't know what to think - the next thing we knew it said we'd won $550,416 from one 90 cent spin.''

Fred rapidly confirmed his Party credit Account. ''All I could think of was what could be in there and it started to dawn on us that we had won a life changing amount of money - we were so excited. Then I started doubting and thinking that it could not be true and they might not pay out, but I knew that was a secure and legitimate site.

I knew that Party Poker was huge as I had seen so many of their shows on television, I was going to get my money - I had no doubt!''Fred and Maylene instantaneously opened a bottle of wine to rejoice. To put in to the environment three of Maylene's relations were dwelling with them at the time to join the party.

Fred had prevailed $10,000 at a land casino previous to and seen $150,000 won in his city, but nothing evaluated to his bonanza. “We live in a retirement town where the average age is 55. Although I may not be far off that age, we're part of the younger generation! We'd been struggling for a couple of years, but now we can make ourselves more secure. The way I see it now is that whatever I make at work from now on is for enjoyment.''

Fred runs his personal web hosting corporation and right away paid off his mortgage, loans and credit cards with his bonus. He paid Maylene's relatives sufficient funds to purchase a car. ''We're not old and retired yet but weeks before the win I went to the bank with a view to re-mortgaging the house to raise some cash and got turned down. I was told that I didn't make enough. Now the bank manager wants to be my best friend!''

As well as gambling casino, Fred is a enthusiastic online poker gambler and intends to use some of his funds to investigate his talent in more competition. ''I'm looking forward to playing more poker. I will now go for the $22 Sit amp; Go tournaments rather than those with a buy-in of $1.

A Party Casino presenter said: ''We pay out over $3 million in casino jackpots every single month and congratulate Fred and Maylene on their win - it seems as though it couldn't have come at a better time in their lives.

Review of Orville Erickson: Orville Erickson possibly will not have believed it but his wife, Dorothea, says she "just had a feeling" it may be a lucky weekend. Orville Erickson won a $2.98 million jackpot on a nickel slot device on Saturday at the Dakota Magic Casino near Hankinson. Slots manager Darrell Mireau said it was the biggest bonanza in the casino's 11-year history.

"I still can't hardly believe it," Orville Erickson, 63, said Monday from the pairs farm a mile north of Forman. Erickson and a pal were in Fargo on Saturday to get stuffs to construct a new ice fishing house when he got the call from his wife, who came back from a family meeting in New Rockford.

"I had actually been to a casino there at Devils Lake," she said, "and I was home about an hour, and I thought, 'Gee, we should go to Hankinson tonight.' And then I thought, 'Well, that's kind of dumb, I was just at a casino' But I just had a feeling." Her husband said he was feeling lucky, too.

He said he frequently puts $20 into the Marilyn Monroe MegaJackpot device, a 75-nickel progressive slot machine with a preliminary jackpot of $400,000. Saturday, he stuck a $100 bill in the device, scheduling to play $20 whether he succeeded or lost, he said. The device paid out about $75 before he pressed the button around 11:30 p.m. and the "Diamond Cinema Jackpot" symbols united, he said.

"I was just playing along, and all of a sudden it went black and said 'hand-played jackpot,' " he said.”It was just dead quiet, no whistles or anything. "I stood up and said, 'No way, I don't believe this."' Dorothea Erickson, 58, was six machines away when an associate told her she'd better talk to her husband.

"And I said, 'How come?' And he said, 'Well, he just won $2.98 million.' And I said, 'Yeah, right,"' she recalled. The casino reserved the pair into a suite while authorized people verified the jackpot, which acquire time until about 6:30 a.m., Orville Erickson said.

"We got about a half-hour of sleep," he said. The online casino games offered Erickson with a check for $141,950 the first of 21 repayment over 20 years, if not they could choose to take the one-time payment. On Monday, they were still bearing in mind that option. Saturday's bonanza was the sixth MegaJackpot rewarded at Dakota Magic Casino and the biggest paid.

The casino remunerated a $1,045,584 Wheel of Fortune MegaJackpot on a $1 device in October 2004, a report from gambling device and system dealer IGT said. The Ericksons, both citizens of nearby Milnor, have lived for more than 40 years just north of Forman, a Sargent County city.

The pair said they had a plan to use their prize money to journey to Australia, pay bills and repair their residence. Orville Erickson told he also would construct that latest fishing house. "I got a lot of good plans for that," he said. He said he wouldn’t close the business, K&L Sandblast and Painting, named for their two grown kids.

"I've got work lined up for all winter," he said. He needs to keep his five workers working, he said. Orville Erickson said he used up four years in the Navy and served during the Vietnam War.



Phil ivey- the Tiger Woods of hot poker


Phil ivey is considered to be the most excellent poker gambler. Phil resides in Las Vegas with his wife and gambles in the major cash games present. Phil's World Hot poker Tour credits comprise a first place stop at the 2008 LA Hot poker Classic. Some other final tables comprises of a third place stop at the season one Foxwoods event.

In period three, he and the poker gamblers finished 6th at Borgata, 3rd at Reno Hilton, and third once more at the World Hot poker Tour contest. He has more than a few World Series of Hot poker bracelets. In 2000, he prevailed the Pot Limit event, in 2002 he succeeded the S.H.O.E, 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split, and in 2005 he succeeded the Pot Limit Omaha event.

Paul Darden

Paul Darden was nurtured and brought up in the ghettos of New Haven, Connecticut. This Poker players got mixed up with the incorrect crowd, making friends with robbers and drug broker. At 15, he was charged of assassination. He was found not responsible, a case of mistaken individuality.

The knowledge aggravated him to change his life around. Poker gamblers credits hot poker with being one of the reasonable forces in his life. As a high school dropout, there were not many of alternatives for him to receive a rightful return, but Foxwoods Casino was opened near. He was almost immediately able to make a living by winning the local games.

He also took a journey to Atlantic City to gamble in the $75-$150 Stud games. This is where he met his buddy and mentor, Phil Ivey. Paul has prevailed World Series of poker wristlet. He won the $2500 Seven Card Stud event in 2001. Other happenings include a first place stop at the Lucky Chances No Limit World Hot poker Tour Event (2002).